Scurry Tethered Mouse Wheel

Model 80840WB


It is identical to the 80840B Scurry Motorized Tethered Mouse Activity Wheel without the motor assembly.


Use this activity wheel for voluntary running studies with tethered wheels. It is boasts the same features as the 80840B Motorized Tethered Mouse Activity Wheel without the motor assembly. The Model 80840MB Optional Motor assembly may be added in the future.

Voluntary running may be monitored with the 86100 Interface; however, the 86100M Motor Interface is recommended if you anticipate adding the motorized option in the future.

Unit includes

  • Wheel
  • 86060S Optical Sensor
  • Food Hopper
  • Water Bottle and sipper tube with bracket
  • Adjustable bracket for the Instech Series 375 Swivel Arm Supports

Unit should be used with Scurry Universal Counter 86118. Counter, Interface and Software must be ordered separately.


Dimensions: 10" x 14" x 10" (25.40 x 35.56 x 25.40 cm)
Wheel Diameter: 6.75" (17.145 cm)
Wheel Width (Internal): 2.25" (7.715 cm)
Run Distance: 0.47 meters/revolution


Required Accessories

Scurry Universal Counter
Scurry Universal Counter
Model 86118

Provides the same data collection capabilities as the Scurry Activity Sensors models 86110 and 86115.

Scurry Motor Interface for Animal Activity
Scurry Motor Interface for Animal Activity
Model 86100M

The Scurry Motor Interface features four Motor Control ports as well as four standard activity monitoring ports identical to Model 86100.

Scurry Activity Monitoring Software
Scurry Activity Monitoring Software
Model 86165

Scurry features streamlined, user-friendly electronics with integrated wheel and lick monitoring, programmable brakes with improved control and resolution, and a robust interface with secure data backup.

Optional Accessories

Scurry Motor for Tethered Mouse Wheel
Scurry Motor for Tethered Mouse Wheel
Model 80840MB

Order this motor assembly to convert a model 80840WB to a model 80840B. Please contact us directly for individual replacement parts if needed.

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