Wireless Running Wheels


Actimetrics Wireless Low-profile Running Wheel

Model ACT-557-WLP

The Wireless Low-profile Running Wheel for mice with the ClockLab Data Collection Software provides activity monitoring in standard shoebox mouse home cages.

Actimetrics Wireless USB Gateway

Model ACT-557W-0

The Actimetrics Wireless USB Gateway can receive data from up to 1000 wireless wheels, and connects to your laptop or desktop PC via USB. For use with the Actimetrics Wireless Low-profile Running Wheel and ClockLab Data Collection and Analysis software.

Actimetrics ClockLab Data Collection System

Model 86187

ClockLab’s data collection application runs on Windows operating systems and performs many functions that are not usually incorporated in similar systems.

Actimetrics ClockLab Analysis Package

Model 86188

A widely used stand-alone program for the analysis of circadian rhythms. It can read and analyze records obtained from almost any circadian data collection system, including the ClockLab data collection program.

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