CANTAB Cognitive Testing

The Intellistation™ is the latest development in the CANTAB Cognitive Testing system for non-human primates. It retains all the test specific criteria, stimulus presentation and animal response hardware of all past systems. The heavy umbilical cable that limited the distance between the test station and central controller has been eliminated and the central control as well. Each test station now houses its own CPU.

Connect an optional keyboard, monitor and mouse directly to the test station and it can be run as a totally independent product without the expensive multi port interface previously used. Remote operation of single or multi station applications is possible by simply connecting the test stations with a standard Ethernet cable. Either set up a small network for the test lab only or tie into an existing network.

Optional packages are available to help with these configurations as needed. The CANTAB and WhiskerServer software license is now sold per station to keep the startup cost even lower.

Legacy CANTAB products are also available for existing CANTAB labs only. Contact us directly for pricing and other inquires. When ordering please provide model and serial number of your control to insure compatibility.

CANTAB with Whisker Embedded Software

Model 80990

A complete set of CANTAB applications plus WhiskerServer™. Sold as one license copy per Intellistation.

Monkey CANTAB Intellistation™ with Pellet Reward

Model 80950A

Test Station for the Cambridge Neurological Test Automated Battery equipped with Pellet Reward.

Monkey CANTAB Intellistation™ with Liquid Reward

Model 80951A

Test Station for the Cambridge Neurological Test Automated Battery equipped with Liquid Reward.

Large CANTAB Wall Mount IntelliPanel™ Touch Screen Response Panel

Model 80960A

A flat display and touch screen with signal light and speakers. This style of unit, first designed for use with dogs, has since been used with primates and swine.

Precision Liquid Feed Pump

Model 80204A

The rate of flow for the Precision Liquid Feed Pump is been calibrated to give precise delivery of liquids at delivery rates suitable for rewarding mouse, rat, and primate.

Marmoset Lick Tube

Model 80661

The standard lick tube for use with the CANTAB Test Station.

Rhesus Lick Tube

Model 80662B

A protruding lick tube which has been used with Rhesus monkeys.

Side Mount Lick Tube

Model 80663B

A side mount, straight sipper tube suitable for Rhesus and other species of monkeys.

Precision Pellet Dispenser for 190mg Pellets

Model 80209A-190

Precision food dispenser with dispensing wheel that accommodates 190mg pellets.

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