Mouse Wheels, Lickometers, etc.

Scurry Mouse Activity Wheel with Filter Lid

Model 80820FS

Use in place of 80820S Scurry Mouse Activity Wheel when a microbiological barrier filter is required.

Scurry Mouse Misstep Wheel with Filter Lid

Model 80821FS

Use in place of 80821S Scurry Mouse Miss-Step Activity Wheel Chamber when a microbiological barrier filter is required.

Scurry Mouse Activity Wheel

Model 80820S

A complete mouse living chamber with activity wheel similar to the 80859S for rats. Features all stainless steel components, a light weight aluminum wheel, and polycarbonate tub and water bottle.

Scurry Mouse Misstep Wheel

Model 80821S

This complete 80820S style Activity Wheel Chamber package features rungs that can be easily removed to create a complex wheel rung surface similar to the Motor Skill Sequence (MOSS) test in mice.

Scurry Mouse Activity Wheel with Dual Lickometer

Model 80822S

This unit combines all the features of the Mouse Activity Wheel Chamber with those of the Triple Lickometer. The chamber is fitted with two sipper tubes due to the size limitation.

Scurry Mouse Brake with Activity Counter

Model 86120

Easily configured customized brake activation at time of day, revolutions or distance run, and a variety of other parameters.

Replacement Mouse Activity Wheel

Model 80820RW

A standard Mouse Activity Wheel assembly for all mouse activity wheel chambers.

Replacement Water Bottle

Model 80820WB

Replacement bottles for 80820 Series Mouse Wheels includes 240 ml polycarbonate water bottle with screw cap and stainless steel sipper tube with ball bearing to minimize leakage.

Replacement Hatch for Raised Water Bottle

Model 80820RBL

An alternate hatch cover for the Mouse Activity Wheel.

Food Hopper Bracket

Model 80820HBK

This stainless steel bracket fits under the hatch of the 80820 Mouse Activity Wheel Chamber and hooks over the lip of the lid surrounding the polycarbonate tub. The food hopper that is normally screwed to the lid can be attached to this bracket making it easily removable for weighing.

Cage Divider for Mouse Activity Wheel

Model 80820DIV

This simple stainless steel partition may be used to temporarily block access to the 80820 Mouse Activity Wheel. See 80820TL if you simply want to lock the wheel while allowing access.

Scurry Motorized Wheel for Tethered Mice

Model 80840B

An individual mouse activity wheel suitable for use with tethered animals. Includes programmable motor for forced exercise or sleep deprivation as well as food and water support.

Scurry Tethered Mouse Wheel

Model 80840WB

It is identical to the 80840B Scurry Motorized Tethered Mouse Activity Wheel without the motor assembly.

Scurry Motor for Tethered Mouse Wheel

Model 80840MB

Order this motor assembly to convert a model 80840WB to a model 80840B. Please contact us directly for individual replacement parts if needed.

Scurry Narrow Gap Activity Wheel

Model 80850MS

Rat Activity wheel designed to satisfy the needs of those labs wanting to run mice in a 14 inch in diameter wheel.

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