Replacement Mouse Activity Wheel

Model 80820RW


A standard Mouse Activity Wheel assembly for all mouse activity wheel chambers.


The 80820RW consists of a standard Mouse Activity Wheel with a wheel shaft, shaft cover, two Rulon bearings, and two thumbscrews. This assembly is suitable for all mouse activity wheel chambers to facilitate high throughput and cleaning. It is most often used in conjunction with the 80821 System to facilitate switching between the MOSS wheel and standard wheel as needed. The rods of this wheel are permanently fixed with rivets.

Contact Lafayette Instrument Company if additional wheels with with removable rungs are needed.


  • Wheel Diameter: 5.0” ID (12.7 cm)
  • Run Distance: 0.40 meters/revolution
  • Run Surface:
    • 38 rods 0.188” diameter on 0.4298” centers with a 0.2418” gap
    • approx. 4.8 mm dia on 10.9 mm centers with a 6.14 mm gap

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