Scurry Motor Interface for Animal Activity

Model 86100M


The Scurry Motor Interface features four Motor Control ports as well as four standard activity monitoring ports identical to Model 86100.



  • Control up to 4 motorized Activity Wheels.
  • Monitor up to 4 Activity Wheels or Triple Lickometers with all the features of the Model 86100 Interface.
  • Interface continues to run scheduled motors even in the event of a computer failure.
  • Uses the advanced Scurry software for all hardware configuration, motor schedules, experiment design, data collection, and optional brake control.
  • Database flexibility and security not found in any other system.


8.85 x 3.66 x 2.4 in
225 x 93 x 61 mm
Power: 15V DC, 4.6A Switching AC Adapter
Outputs: 4 RJ45 (supports Scurry Motors & Legacy LIC Wheels (adapter required))
Inputs: 16 RJ45
Download Interval (i.e. time bins) to host PC:
Revolution / Pulse Count: 3 Seconds
Lickometer Count: 0.25 Seconds

Records All Events Continuously: All Data is Stored
Backup Data Storage Capacity: 4MB (Approximately one week)


Optional Accessories

Scurry Legacy Motor Adapter
Scurry Legacy Motor Adapter
Model 86150

Add this Adapter to any legacy motorized wheel to switch from the old 86070A Control, 86056A AWM Interface, and 86065 AWM Software to the 86100M Scurry Motor Interface and 86165 Scurry Software. The legacy wheel motor plugs into the adapter while the supplied 6' Mimi DIN 9 pin M/M Cable that is provided links the Adapter to the 86100M Motor Interface.

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Scurry Interface for Animal Activity
Scurry Interface for Animal Activity
Model 86100

Monitor up to 16 Activity Wheels or Triple Lickometers with a single USB port. All wheel/lickometer support is handled by the Interface without encumbering computer resources.

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