Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Mouse Touch Screen Chamber for Electrophysiology

Model 80614AE


Chamber with all the features of our standard second-generation chambers with adaptations to reduce electromagnetic interference and noise.


Our Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Rodent Touch Screen Chambers have been adapted for easy integration with electrophysiology recording. All electronic components have been adjusted to reduce EMC. The sound attenuating chamber is a Faraday cage to prevent outside noise from the surrounding building entering the chamber. The touchscreen itself is shielded to reduce noise emission. In addition, there is a slotted lid to accommodate tethers and reward troughs that allow for head-stages. A sliding top shelf on which commutator can be mounted and TTL inputs and outputs to communicate with the electrophysiology recording.

Package Includes

  • Shielded Touch Screen
  • Chamber Base with non-shock coated perforated floors
  • Trapezoidal Walls with solid lid and optional slotted lid
  • Feeder Reward Area
  • Liquid or Pellet Feeder (pellet reward requires SAC top shelf)
  • Speaker
  • House Light
  • IR lighting
  • Activity beams
  • Mounted on a shelf to slide in and out of sound attenuating chambers
  • Core Intelli-interface


Low emission Electronics

As can be seen in the graphs below, spikes in noise are reduced with the Ephys touch screen chamber electronic components.

Standard Chamber - No Touch screen
Low Noise Chamber - No Touch screen

Sound Attenuating Chamber Faraday cage

The graphs below show the typical outside electromagnetic radiation and how it is blocked by the E-Sound attenuating chamber

Empty Sound Cubicle - Door Open
Empty Sound Cubicle - Door Closed

Shielded touch screens

The graphs below show how shielding the touch screens smooths out spikes in emissions.

Low Noise Chamber - Standard Touch Screen
Low Noise Chamber - Shielded Touch Screen

Coated Floor

The floor is coated with a non-conductive coating to prevent artifacts being created from the oscillating ground contact created by the animal's normal motion.

Reward Troughs

Chambers include enlarged reward trough entries to accommodate many head-stages. For mice an alternative reward trough is available where the liquid reward tray protrudes into the chamber, so the mouse does not have to place their head into the trough.

Chamber lids

Chamber lids have been updated to include slotted lids for the touchscreen chambers to accommodate head-stages, commutators and tethers.

Sound Attenuating Chamber height and shelf

We have raised the height of the sound attenuating chambers to allow longer tethers, as the longer the tether the more flexible it becomes, reducing the pull on the animal's head and consequential fatigue.

Commutators can be mounted on a pull-out top shelf preventing the need for drilling into the sound attenuating chamber. This allows the commutator to be slid out with the rodent chamber, for easy access and to prevent the tether needing extra length when the rodent touch screen chamber is pulled out on its sliding shelf.

Cable access points are available for 3rd party systems.

Custom sized sound cubicles and builds can be quoted to individual requirements.

TTL Lines

TTL inputs and outputs are available to enable ABET Cognition software to communicate with other third-party software such as electrophysiology recording software.


Animal Working Area

  • 46mm width at Feeder
  • 238mm Wide at Screen x 170mm Deep (241.4 Sq. cm or 37.5 Sq. in)
  • Working Area is 230mm in Height

Standard Sound Attenuation Chamber (SAC)

  • Attenuation: Approx. 35dB
  • Weight: 38 kg (empty)
  • External Dimensions: 600mm Wide x 670mm Tall x 500mm Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 540mm Wide x 610mm Tall x 440mm Deep

Extra Height Sound Attenuation Chamber (SAC)

  • Attenuation: Approx. 35dB
  • Weight: 38 kg (empty)
  • External Dimensions: 600mm Wide x 730mm Tall x 500mm Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 540mm Wide x 670mm Tall x 440mm Deep


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