Progressive Ratio and Effort Related Choice Task (PR/ERC) for Mice

Model 89549A


Adapted for mice, this touch screen task has been shown equivalent to those performed with levers or nose-poke holes in measuring motivation and reward-related decision making.


Measuring motivation and reward-related decision making, this touch screen task has been shown equivalent to those performed with levers or nose-poke holes. Subjects must touch the screen progressively more times to receive reward. Comparing the touch screen results with the non-touch screen literature it is evident that the touch screen paradigm produces less variable data (consequently, easier to detect significant effects) and is more sensitive to manipulations which promote PR performance (useful when screening for drugs to alleviate low motivation).

Example Neural Systems Involved

  • Dopamine

Clinical Areas Showing Impairment

  • Huntington's
  • Schizophrenia

Cognitive Functions Covered

  • Motivation
  • Decision making

Typical Training Times (depends on strain and age)

  • About 16 sessions from first habituation to reach stable PR performance


  • A test of motivation and reward-related decision making
  • All training paradigms and advice included


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Required Accessories

Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chamber for Mice
Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chamber for Mice
Model 80614A

Second Generation Bussey Chamber developed for mice with Intelli-interface supports up to 20 chambers on one PC. On the strength of 10 years of feedback and development, the system is even more flexible and with more features.

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