Scurry Motor for 80850S/80850MS Rat Wheel

Model 80851B


Add this motor option to Legacy or Scurry Rat Activity Wheels for forced exercise / walking or sleep deprivation studies.


The Activity Wheel Motor Drive Model 80851B is designed to offer forced wheel running or sleep deprivation protocols with the standard Scurry Rat Activity Wheel Model 80850S, Model 80850MS Narrow Gap Rat/Mouse Activity Wheel or large Rat Activity Wheel Model 80850LS. It is also compatible with the Legacy (AWM) versions of these wheels.  The flexibility and ease of use of this design will allow for simple transition between a forced and free running system. The 80851B motor drive is  controlled with the 86100M Motor Interface and the Scurry Software Model 86165.  The Model 86115 Scurry Sensor/Counter or Model 86118 Scurry Universal Counter (Legacy Wheels) is still required for voluntary running data collection as well as increased resolution in some scheduled events.


  • Easy changeover between forced and free running
  • Low friction Rulon bearings
  • Easily removed from the 80850 wheel for cleaning
  • Uses a non-slip drive belt for forced activity
  • Motor speed control with feedback for reliable and consistent speeds
  • 1 - 25 m/min speed range at 0.5m/min increments


Required Accessories

Scurry Motor Interface for Animal Activity
Scurry Motor Interface for Animal Activity
Model 86100M

The Scurry Motor Interface features four Motor Control ports as well as four standard activity monitoring ports identical to Model 86100.

Scurry Activity Monitoring Software
Scurry Activity Monitoring Software
Model 86165

Scurry features streamlined, user-friendly electronics with integrated wheel and lick monitoring, programmable brakes with improved control and resolution, and a robust interface with secure data backup.

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Scurry Large Rodent Activity Wheel
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Scurry Narrow Gap Activity Wheel
Scurry Narrow Gap Activity Wheel
Model 80850MS

Rat Activity wheel designed to satisfy the needs of those labs wanting to run mice in a 14 inch in diameter wheel.

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