Standard Pecking Key

Model 80125


A key peck response device suitable for non-cued pigeon operant behavior.


This standard pecking key is identical to the key used for the 80123 key with three-color stimulus, except with no stimulus light or rear cover. The key is milk white in color. The pecking surface measures 1.0" (2.5 cm). Key displacement is factory set at approximately 0.625" (1.6 mm 15 grams of pressure. A normally open switch may be wired to any ABET Interface or 81335C Behavioral Control. Also available on a modular panel (80125M).


Required Accessories

Pigeon Operant Chamber
Pigeon Operant Chamber
Model 80006

Built to the same rugged standard as our other Modular Chambers.

Related Products

Pecking Key with 3-Color Display
Pecking Key with 3-Color Display
Model 80123M

A back lit key suitable for the study of pigeon operant behavior.

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