Stainless Steel Blades - 50 pack

Model 752/1/SS

Price: $ 135.00


Blades for use with Campden Vibroslices sold before March 2003.


These blades are an acute double bevel-edged blade of general shape and are used for Campden Vibroslices before March 2003.

7550-1-C blades and 7550-1-SS blades fit only the following Campden Instruments Vibrating Microtome, the latest models 7000smz and 5000mz, the previous generation 7550PSDS and 7550MM models and Vibroslice models MA752 and HA752 since March 2003 (machine serial numbers MA289 and HA142 onwards).


Dimensions: 39mm x 18mm x 0.5mm

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