Scurry Low Profile Sensor Block

Model 80820FSS


This replacement sensor block is used in all Scurry filter lid wheels.


This sensor block is supplied with the Model 80820FS and 80821FS Filter Lid Mouse Wheels.  Order this model as a replacement or backup unit for these wheels.

The 80820FSS Sensor Block must be ordered separately with the 80822S Mouse Activity Wheel with Dual Lickometer to collect activity data from the Model 86135 Triple Lickometer with Activity.  or to upgrade older Model 80820F and 80821F Wheels.  A scurry bracket (1-219-5079) will also be required to update an older wheel. 

The sensor block is also required with standard Model 80820S and 80821S Scurry Mouse Wheels when these wheels are used as stand alone wheels with digital display counter Model 86130.

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