Nosepoke with Tri-Color Light on Rat Modular Panel

Model 80116TRM


A 4U modular panel with Rat Nose Poke including I/R sensor and tri color stimulus light.


The Model 80116TRM Nose Poke unit consists of the Model 80116TR Nose Poke with tri-color stimulus light mounted to a 4U modular panel for use on any Rat Modular Test Chamber.  It is designed with reliable photo beam detection to signal when a subject enters the nose poke environment.  The stimulus presentation feature requires three control lines and is best used with an interface and software control.  There are two modes of operation.  In the first mode it is possible to present a yellow, green or red stimulus of high or low intensity.  In the second mode the yellow stimulus only can be presented in a ramp or flicker fashion at frequencies of 1Hz, 5Hz or 10Hz.  The center of the photo beam detector is still placed 0.314" (8mm) back from the front of the nose poke block.  The nose poke opening is still 0.906" in diameter by 0.90" deep with a through hole that is 0.406" in diameter.  (23mm x 22.9mm x a0.31mm).




Two cables are provided with this unit.  A 6 pin modular connector establishes contact with +28 VDC and three sequential outputs on either an 81408 or 81409 I/O Connection Block. This connection is in parallel with the individual terminal screws.  The second cable establishes contact with ground and two input lines for both NO and NC response signals.


Power: +28VDC input

Photocell Output: Active low (NO and NC)

Computer control: 3 bit word (active low (Logic 0) turns each control line ON)

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