Rat Exercise / Walking Wheel

Model 80806


These wheels feature durable polycarbonate sides with a large aluminum hatch for easy animal removal and aluminum rungs for a comfortable running surface.



  • Wheels are 4.4" internal width with an internal running diameter of 13.38"
  • Wheels are lightweight yet sturdy
  • Wheel sides are polycarbonate plastic with riveted anodized aluminum round rungs
  • Thumbscrew locking swing hatch is made from anodized aluminum
  • Access for animal loading and removal is 6.5"


  • Internal width: 4.4"(11.176cm)
  • Internal running diameter: 13.38"(33.985cm)
  • Rods: 82 - 0.188" diameter with 0.526" spacing with a 0.338" gap


Required Accessories

Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel Bed
Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel Bed
Model 80805A

The Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel System for Rats based on the Model 80805A Bed is designed for sleep deprivation and controlled exercise studies.

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