45mg Pellet Dispenser for Modular Chamber

Model 80209A-45M


Precision food dispenser with dispensing wheel that accommodates 45mg pellets. Affixed to a modular panel.



  • Compatible with ABET Task software
  • Additional interchangeable pellet wheels available for 14mg, 20mg, and 190mg pellets
  • Increased capacity over previous model
  • Low noise EMI for Electrophysiology as standard
  • Wide input voltage 12-28VDC
  • 5V TTL full control
  • Single operate line with optional status report
  • Manual operate button for prime and test
  • Warning LED and error feedback
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved cosmetics - enclosed motor / electronics
  • Increased motor torque improving reliability
  • Drop detector with automated refeed
  • Mounted on modular panel
  • Includes 1m cable
  • Quality tested with 1000 pellets dispensed


Comparison to previous model dispensers

  80209M 80209A-45M
Size (L x Dia - mm) 140 x 110 140 x 110
Pellet capacity 1700 2000
Drop Detector available No Yes
Control lines 3 2
TTL control No Yes
Input voltage (VDC) 24 - 48 12 - 28


Optional Accessories

20mg Conversion Kit for Pellet Feeder
20mg Conversion Kit for Pellet Feeder
Model 80209A-W20

A replacement or conversion disk to dispense 20 mg pellets from any 80209A series dispenser.

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