Multi-Display Pecking Key

Model 80130


A new unique pecking key with 4 x 4 programmable stimulus array.


This multi-display "pecking key" may be used for pigeons, primates or rodents.  The response key is designed to trigger a durable (100,000 activation life) microswitch with as little as 0.6 mm of movement and 50 cN of force. 

The 35 mm by 35 mm display area (approximately 1.4 in x 1.4 in) features a sixteen LED array that can display any of 16 shapes in 8 different colors. The eight colors are: Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, and White. The standard shapes are a cross, forward slash, back slash, square, circle, small dot, vertical bar, horizontal bar, and ALL ON as well as the random shapes shown below.

Pecking Key Shapes

This key may be used in the standard 80004 series modular test chambers or on custom panels as shown below:

Key on Panel



  • Modular Panel: 4 Unit (3" H x 3.245" W) (7.78 x 8.24 cm)
  • Viewing area: 35 mm x 35 mm (1.38" x 1.38")


  • Power: 12 – 28VDC
  • Key Press Report: Grounds Input through de-bounce filter (Normal and Inverted)
  • Color Control: Requires 3 Outputs
  • Shape Selection: Requires 4 Outputs
  • Image Latch: The image represented by the seven data lines above will be transferred to the LED array when this line is switched from a high voltage to ground. The image will remain as long as the line is held low. The image will be off when ground is removed.


  • 4 X 4 array of RGB LED’s on a 7mm pitch with each LED appearing as a 5mm dot.


  • Material: Clear 3mm Perspex with a visible size of 35mm square.
  • Travel: Approximate travel of 2.2mm (measured at the bottom of the key).
  • Trigger Point: An approximate trigger point at 0.6mm of travel (measured at the bottom of the key).
  • Response Switch: Hinged roller type V4 microswitch
  • Electrical life: better than 100,000 presses.
  • Maximum registered responses per second: >10.
  • Force required to register a response (measured in the center of the key): 50cN.

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