Mouse Nosepoke with Open Hole

Model 80116O


A Mouse Nose Poke Response with I/R Sensor and Open Back.


Use this nose poke with the 80003NS or 80003M Operant Chambers as an alternative to a Rat Student Animal Learning Package or a Modular Mouse Chamber package.   The Model 80116O Nose Poke unit is a basic response device that may be substituted for levers or added in addition to levers in any of the student animal learning systems or in chambers supported by computer interface and software.  It is designed with reliable photo beam detection to signal when a subject enters the nose poke environment.  The center of the photo beam is placed 0.15" (3.81mm) back from the front of the nose poke block.  The nose poke opening is 0.406" in diameter with a 0.5" countersink by 0.25" deep with a through hole that is 0.30" in diameter.  (10.31mm x 6.35mm x 7.62mm).  The open nose poke encourages exploration and can also be used with aversive air puff stimuli, olfactory stimuli or aerosol drug delivery.  A stimulus light may ordered separately and placed above the nose poke unit. 

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