Low Profile Retractable Response Lever (For Rat Modular Test Chamber)

Model CI4460-M


A deluxe retractable lever for all rat modular test chambers.


This deluxe retractable response lever is designed for use in the Modular Test Chambers and comes mounted on a 4U panel. Features a thick stainless steel lever with reliable transport, friction free pivot, I/R sensor, adjustable travel, and adjustable force.


Both Normal and Inverted response lines are provided along with a position status line (inserted or retracted).


Paddle Dimensions

  • Width: 1.9" (4.8 cm)
  • Thick: 0.63" (1.6 cm)
  • Protrusion: 0.787" (2.0 cm)

Travel: 0.125" (0.3175 cm) nominal (adjustable)

Force: 25 grams (adjustable)


  • Power: 24 - 28 V DC
  • Operate: GND to extend
  • Position Report: GND when extended, Open when retracted
  • NO & NC "Contacts": GND when activated

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