Extinction (EXT) for Rats

Model 89547A-R


Adapted for rats, this is a simple, but powerful, test of behavioral inhibition.


The task is very simple, but powerful. Like reversal, it is a test of behavioural inhibition, but with different requirements. In fact, some animals are impaired on reversal, but not extinction, and vice versa. Subjects are first required to respond to a white square presented in the centre window to obtain reward. Once criterion is reached, extinction of the response is tested in sessions where responses to the stimulus are no longer rewarded.

Example Neural Systems Involved

  • Infralimbic Cortex
  • Striatum
  • AmygdalaPerirhinal Cortex

Clinical Areas Showing Impairment

  • ADHD
  • OCD

Cognitive Functions Covered

  • Cognitive Flexibility and Response Inhibition
  • Executive Function

Typical Training Times (depends on strain and age)

  • Approximately 4 sessions training plus a few extinction sessions


  • A test of behavioural inhibition
  • All training paradigms and advice included
  • Uses flexi-shelf in rat chamber


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Required Accessories

Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chamber for Rats
Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chamber for Rats
Model 80604A

The Second Generation Bussey Chambers with Intelli-interface supports up to 20 chambers on one PC. On the strength of 10 years of feedback and development, the system is even more flexible and with more features.

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