Dual channel PTFE chamber system for Electrophysiology with heater & thermistor feedback control

Model 7450-2P-E


The new all-in-one chamber design incorporates the best features of both the old Haas or interface type cell and the old Oslo or submerged type cell.


This dual cell slice chamber is designed to work in either Submerged or Interface modes. The Model CI.7450-2P(E) is identical to the "2A" model with the exception that the two acrylic tissue cell bodies have been replaced by two P.T.F.E. (Teflon®) cell bodies. This is recommended in settings where pharmacological agents could be absorbed and later released by the more porous acrylic cell body if used.  The two test cells are each fitted with an Ag/AgCl reference electrode for tissue electrophysiology. The four holding cells continue to be made of acrylic.  This unit could of course be used for biochemistry as well. 

Stable, linear flow and temperature are assured in either Submerged or Interface mode.  Replacement cell chambers are available in both Acrylic and P.T.F.E. (Teflon®) materials.

A digital display heater / controller unit is included with predictive algorithms (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) and dual feedback from a thermistor for fast feedback, plus another for spot temperature offset.  The water bath temperature is controlled to within +/- 0.1 Celsius in a stable environment.

The ergonomics of being able to easily work with multiple slices has been carefully considered in the design of this unit and all multi-chamber systems.  Tissue cells are spaced for micromanipulators to hold stimulator and recording electrodes on either side.  The 4 channel chambers are the most cost and time efficient.  They may be used alone or they can be built up into our semi-automated Workstation or fully automated Synchroslice integrated lab used for hippocampal and heart slice electrophysiology.  With optional micromanipulators and overhead cameras, placement of 8 electrodes can be done within 20-30 minutes, with all slices viewed though a quad processor and video monitor.

Note: Single, dual and quad channel units are available with or without camera observation units and other accessories.

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