Chamber Wall Extension

Model 80004WX


The Chamber Wall Extension may be used with any 80004 series modular test chamber.


The 80004WX Chamber Wall Extension is designed to fit on top of any 80004 series chamber once the top has been removed. The two end walls are 3/8" thick with the edges drilled to fit over the posts on top of the four middle columns. The front and back are machined to fit over the rear panel and inside the door. Two screws are added to secure the extension and maintain the overall integrity of the chamber.  The animal work space is expanded from 12" L x 10.25" D x 7.9" H (30.5 x 26.0 x 20.0 cm) to 12" L x 10.25" D x 14.275" H (30.5 x 26.0 x 36.258 cm).  The open top reaches to within 1" of the ceiling of any 83018 series sound attenuating cubicles with roll out tray.

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