Behavioral Control Console

Model 81335C


The 81335C Behavioral Control Console is a newly enhanced fully integrated operant conditioning control suitable for a broad range of animal studies. It is at the heart of all student lab systems.


The 81335C Behavioral Control Console is a fully integrated animal-learning / operant conditioning control instrument used primarily for student laboratory studies. All schedules can be easily programmed and implemented in a variety of environments. Manual shaping activation is provided and student participation encouraged with front panel display of counters, latency timers where appropriate, and schedule settings.

The 81335C Behavioral Control Console features a 20 x 2 character LCD display screen for schedule set-up and data display, membrane touch controls for schedule set-up, run, pause, and stop execution, and rear panel connections for auxillary control or data collection (for example, cumulative recorders). The complete behavioral control package includes a 30 V DC Power Supply, Shaping Push Button, 10 foot Cage Connection Cable (81406-10), and 81409 Mini I/O Module.

For countries requiring 220-230V AC 50 Hz operation, Model 81335C*C is available with localized AC mains cord. International pricing will apply.



  • Environment Test
  • Magazine (Reward) Training
  • Partial Reinforcement
  • Fixed Ratio
  • Variable Ratio
  • Fixed Interval
  • Variable Interval
  • Discrimination 2 (2 Part)
  • Discrimination 4 (4 Part)
  • Differential Reinforcement Low Rate (DRL)
  • Differential Reinforcement High Rate (DRH)
  • Chain (2 Part)
  • Escape (Shock Models Only)
  • Avoidance (Shock Models Only)

Schedule Data Displays

  • Response Count
  • Shaping Push Button Count
  • Reward Count
  • Ratio Values (FR, VR, Discrimination, DRH, etc.)
  • Interval Values (FI, VI, DRH, Escape and Avoidance when available)
  • Escape Count (when available)
  • Avoidance Count (when available)
  • Latency to respond (Escape and Avoidance when available)
  • Trial Number (when applicable)

Note: A number or +/- is used with some of the above to separate counters as needed for particular schedules.


  • Power: 30VDC 2A Power Supply
  • Line Voltage: 120 V AC 60Hz
  • Fuse: 2A Slow-Blow (Internal)
  • Shock:
    • Internal 0-2.4 ma @ 0-225V AC
    • Factory set at 0.5 ma - not useable in non-shock versions of 84025 Series Animal Learning Systems
  • Inputs: 5 Chamber Connections, 1 Shaping Pushbutton
  • Outputs: 8 Chamber Connections, 4 Auxiliary (rear panel), Shock, +28VDC and GND

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