Balance Beam Test for Mice

Model 80306


The Mouse Balance Beam is a ledged stepped beam used for scoring foot faults while the beam is traversed.


The 80306 Balance Beam Test for Mice consists of a ledged stepped beam that can be supported between any open space. The test involves scoring foot faults (slips) while the beam is traversed. The beam is marked so that the location of the fault can be noted for each limb. A dark box or home cage may be placed at the end of the beam to act as a reinforcer. A ledge runs the length of the beam on both sides providing a crutch for the animal to use when there is a deficit. Without the ledge crutch, the animal would be forced to alter its posture and weight distribution so that it relies on the non-impaired limbs. Such compensatory behaviors mask the deficit and make it difficult to evaluate brain repair mechanisms.



1 m


Length: 250mm
Tapered Widths: 35mm, 25mm, 15mm, 5mm

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