Splitter and Cable

Model 83625AT


A 1:4 RJ11 Connection Block for connecting the Actimetrics Fear Conditioning environment components to the Freeze Frame Interface.


Setting an Actimetrics Fear Conditioning system couldn’t be easier. Simply order one Splitter and Cable for each of the environment components in your made to order package.

The following are included in the Model 80004AT and Model 80014AT Test Chamber Packages

  • Shocker
  • House Light

The following is included with the Model 83020AT Sound Isolation Cubicle

  • Ventilation Fan

The following is an optional accessory that may be ordered separately:

  • Model 80221AMAT Cue Light

Each Model 83625AT Splitter includes a 25" RJ11 Modular Cable to connect the splitter to the interface. Four modular jacks on the splitter let you connect up to four test chambers. Each of the above bullet items include their own 14" RJ11 Modular Cable.

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