ABET Mini I/O Module Connection Block

Model 81409


This Mini I/O Block provides 8 input and 15 output line connections to the ABET Interface modules.


The Model 81409 I/O Connection Block mounts to the chamber base and connects to the ABET interface with a standard DB-25 Cable. This module may be used with all 80501 & 80502 Interface Modules as well as the older 81400 series modules.  Convenient multilevel, screw clamp terminals provide functional connections for 8 Inputs and 15 Outputs (16 when connected to an 80400 series non-split interface).  Five modular connections parallel the 15 Outputs for those chamber components that provide intensity or other programmable control from three sequential output lines.

Order Model 81408 Full 16/32 I/O or 81508 Full 16/30 I/O with Plexon parallel connections when needed.


Screw terminals for 30 outputs, 28V, 16 inputs, and ground.



  • L: 4.48”
  • D: 1.89”
  • H: 3.85”      

Weight: 0.75 lb


Optional Accessories

ABET I/O Module Base
ABET I/O Module Base
Model 81412

This 9 x 9 inch plastic baseboard can be used to mount the I/O Modules.

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ABET Full I/O Module Connection Block
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ABET II Software for Operant Control
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