ABET 2G PCIe Interface Card and Cable

Model 81504e


A single computer PCIe circuit board and 100 conductor ribbon cable now connect directly to the ABET 2G Starter Interface to support from 1–12 test chambers.


This PCI Express Interface package replaces the PCI package (81504) previously offered.  It consists of an 80504CRDe Interface Card and 2 Meter 100 conductor ribbon cable (81504CBL). This package is for use with the 81501 and 81501-NL Starter Interface modules only. The direct connection between computer and interface reduces cable clutter and increases reliability and performance. Use the ABET 2G Starter Interface to support from 1-12 test chambers. The driver box and additional cables used in older systems are no longer required. Those users needing the original PCI Standard Interface card should contact us directly for availability.


96 DIO Card and 100 Way Ribbon Cable.

Card Dimensions:      

  • L: 5.6”
  • W: 4.1”
  • H: 0.53”               
  • Weight: 0.21 lb

Cable Dimensions:     

  • L: 78.74”
  • W: 3.31”
  • H: 0.53”          
  • Weight: 0.55 lb


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