5C-CPT Nose Poke Application for Mice

Model 89537NL


Like the 5-choice serial reaction task, this task requires the rodent to respond to a brief visual stimulus presented randomly in one of 5 locations. In addition some trials present visual stimuli in all five locations together and for these trials the subject must learn to withhold a response. This go/no-go task measures both attentional and inhibitory systems within a single task paradigm, enabling the assessment of vigilance.



Original Reference
Young JW, Light GA, Marston HM, Sharp R, Geyer MA. (2009) The 5-choice continuous performance test: evidence for a translational test of vigilance for mice. PLoS One.; 4(1): e4227. - Link


Required Accessories

Complete Mouse 5/9 Hole Box with Liquid Reward
Complete Mouse 5/9 Hole Box with Liquid Reward
Model 80610A-CL

Complete 5/9 Hole Mouse Test Chamber that includes integrated ambulatory photobeams, white noise distraction and dimming functions along with a deluxe reward area, liquid dispenser, and sound attenuating chamber.

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