Chambers and Cubicles

Complete Rat 5/9 Hole Box with Liquid Reward

Model 80600A-CL

This 5/9 Hole Rat Box is identical to Model 80600A-CP except the pellet dispenser has been relaced with a liquid pump.

Complete Rat 5/9 Hole Box with Pellet Reward

Model 80600A-CP

5/9-Hole Rat Box complete with SAC, pellet, white noise and dimmer. The box defined in over 60 published papers by T.W. Robbins and others.

Complete Mouse 5/9 Hole Box with Liquid Reward

Model 80610A-CL

Complete 5/9 Hole Mouse Test Chamber that includes integrated ambulatory photobeams, white noise distraction and dimming functions along with a deluxe reward area, liquid dispenser, and sound attenuating chamber.

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